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Divine Sweetness

May 8, 2013

The Angels 101 Adventure with Certified Angel Therapist® Kristy Sands was sweetly…divine.

(Said by the left-brained control freak with spirituality issues (exhibit A).) 

When Kristy shares about angels, specifically our guardian angels, she glows. Better yet, she nearly grows wings.

kristy and angel

Sharing the 101 on the angels around us.

The evening began with a moment to calm our minds and open our hearts.


Surrendering to the silence can be it’s own adventure for some of us.

I diligently took notes on the information and definitions shared. And the widely misunderstood key details, such as angels have NOT ever been human. The content was curious and the confidence with which it was shared was inviting.

But what sent happy chills through my body were the angel card readings. Each adventurer was asked to think of a question or situation for which they were seeking guidance. Kristy then provided a mini-reading based on the card they had drawn.


From “dreams” to “manifestation,” the deck was stacked with home runs.

When it was my turn to take a card, I silently asked “how can I best support Ned?” and I pulled


Listening. Picture me zipping mouth, locking it, and throwing away the key.

The word and the (tad bit creepy) illustration of the subservient woman tending to her strong, angelic man made my heart skip a beat. That deck was large. With a broad range of messages. Yet this was exactly what I needed to hear. I cried a few sweet tears while I let the message fully sink in.

I shared the story and card with Ned when I got home. Spot on.

It’s a daily reminder in our bathroom now. Listen.

Coincidentally, I noticed after taking this photo, the card is sitting near a broken handle from the kids’ shower. It’s a double reminder: Listen and don’t freak out about the little things (Exhibit B).

Every minute I get to share with Kristy Sands sheds new light. Much needed, welcomed, sweet light.

Learn more about how she shares her gifts at

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  1. Judy Deutsch permalink
    May 9, 2013 12:57 pm

    I wanted to share my experience too because it meant so much to me. Kristy had told all of us that if you are pulling a card and one falls on the floor, then take that card because the Angel wants you to have it. My question to my Angel was “Am I doing the right thing by getting married.” “Have I really found my soul mate?” When I went to pull my card from the deck, the card I tried to pull had another one stuck to it. Kristy told me to take that one as well. The first card I pulled said, “Divine Timing” and the card attached to it simply said, “Dreams”. I got my answers. My dreams have come true and the timing is perfect. It was a very moving experience. Kristy truly has a gift and I am enjoying the education that I have gotten from her classes. Thanks to both Kristy and Kristi for a great evening.

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