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Soul Stirring Sweetness

April 5, 2013

Our family was invited to attend church with our BFFs on Easter. Although organized religion and I have a sweetly complicated relationship, we were thrilled to spend the time together and honored they asked.

Five minutes in, all I could think was what an incredible gift I was receiving. I was definitely feeling all “Thanks Easter Bunny – bawk bawk” inside. *If born after 1980, click here.

The energy in the room was electric. 

Kindness. Gratitude. Community. LOVE.

The stage was on fire with a multicultural choir and a lead singer that rocked “Jesus Saves” in a way that had tears streaming down my cheeks.

Beautiful Sweet Choir

A rainbow of beautiful people singing sweetly from their souls.

As I watched the choir share their gifts, so moved by raw emotion they swayed and raised their hands in the air, I almost felt guilty witnessing their experience.

It was truly beautiful.

My happy tears flowed with the realization that we all share the need to feel the feelings that touch our souls – acceptance, forgiveness, strength, support. LOVE.

How we feed this need is our very personal journey to be explored. With honesty and openness. Without judgement.

I was reminded of a similar emotional thought stream while attending the recent Denver Chant Fest.

A Friday evening of yoga, chanting, and dancing  in a stunning historic venue was rich with kindness, gratitude, community & LOVE. The intensity of it was such that I took a break and wandered to the upstairs balcony.

Tears flowed when I looked down on this –

Sweet Chantfest

In the heart of this flowered group was “global yoga warrior” Janet Stone. A.MAZ.ING.

For over 12 years, Ned and I have had Dr. Scott in our life. Why Dr. Scott is in our life is something we can’t really explain (other than a huge thank you to T & P) but over the years he has simply appeared when we needed him most. With unconditional love and unparalleled brilliance, he has been our guide through major decisions and tough times.

Every visit, Dr. Scott emphasizes the three pillars of life well lived – physical, mental, and spiritual.

For me, it’s always been: check, check, and sweet confusion.

I’m realizing though as I reflect on these recent experiences and process the feelings of “I want (my own version) of what they have,” this IS my spiritual journey. I’m exploring. I’m trying to be honest and open. I’m trying not to judge – myself or others.

I hadn’t ever thought about it directly, but in some ways Sweetlife Adventures was born because of this.

While I haven’t been sure where I fit in on Sunday mornings, I have found kindness, gratitude, community and love by crossing a marathon finish line, standing on a snow capped peak, and surfing the Sayulita waves with lifelong friends.

I realize I had experienced soul stirring amounts of acceptance, forgiveness, strength, support and love just two weeks ago while setting intentions during the Sweetlife Hut Trip.

Setting intentions

Soaking in the loving peace being shared by the group.

All of this is said with absolute respect for the differences of where we are on our journeys and what they may look like.

While I still consider myself confused, I do see sweet clarity in each of us honoring our own path, seeking what stirs our soul, and being the best version of our self.  

If done with love and without judgement, the collective effect has to be sweet, don’t you think?

*Special thanks to A & B for the Easter invitation. I am forever grateful.

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