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Realizing 5 out of 10 is Sweet Success

May 10, 2013

For years, we’ve had a TV in our bedroom, tucked in an armoire with doors closed 98% of the time.

soul surfer

Sidenote: favorite line in Soul Surfer – “I don’t need easy. I just need possible.” I heart you Bethany Hamilton.

This set up has worked well over the years.

Eventually the TV (Ned’s from college) bit the dust. Actually it couldn’t keep up with the high def DirecTV signal so the image was a total blur. I honestly just thought it was time to upgrade my glasses, but alas, I agreed the TV was a goner.

We discussed some options for this very NON urgent situation.

One day later while I was downstairs working, Ned had masterminded a solution using a TV from the basement. I missed the whole transaction, until later that night when I came upstairs to this

tv on top 3

Uh, WTF is on top of the armoire….

Just to be sure you get the full effect


How did he even get that up there?

Me: Not a chance. Get it down. I can’t sleep. It’s going to fall on me. Just….NO.

That was nearly 3 months ago. I’m pretty sure I forgot about this goes-against-every-no-tvs-in-the-bedroom-rule, eye sore solution after about a week.

Flash forward to a recent Sunday morning. I indulgently decided to lay in bed and watch Silver Linings Playbook.

Creatively woven story + brilliant acting = SWEET & broadly relatable message 

At the risk of a slight spoiler – the 5 out of 10 dance score requirement for these two struggling and imperfect souls was a sweetly perfect way to highlight the formula for defining success in life. They each knew exactly what they needed, committed to making it happen, and celebrated the result.

And they did it all playing by their own rules. Skewed, colorful, and downright crazy as their rules appeared to the masses.

I laid in bed for a while after the movie thinking about this message and how spot on it is. And that I really needed that reminder. This is our one life to live, our rules to set, our playbook to write.

How much energy do I spend worrying about playing by THE rules?

I reflected on a recent situation with Hudson and Ned regarding her texting with friends before school. With just 10 sweet years under her belt, she knew her playbook needed some revising, so she left a note for Ned with her suggested rules for her ipad use. We celebrated her assertiveness & creative (albeit rather generous) proposal.


A signed, sealed and delivered proposed playbook revision.

I’m trying to keep my head down these days, putting energy into my playbook and worrying much less about the plays going on around me. I know this is a work in progress — as I was reminded when I did finally get out of bed that Sunday morning and the first thing I did was this –


Kristi Rule: Beds must be made. Period.

As I’ve discussed before here, I’m not sure I’m ready to revise that play.

But as far as the tv on the armoire goes, I’m celebrating Ned’s resourcefulness and that it allowed me a therapy session with Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence that delivered a real impact.


That darn TV let me see the silver linings far beyond the movie.

Where are you with your playbook? Any revisions needed? Is the majority of it uniquely-you plays or ones you’ve simply acquired along the way?

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the film — tonight’s a perfect 5 out of 10 kind of night.

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