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Backcountry Sweetness

April 9, 2013

16 women
+ the backcountry
+ Mother Nature’s spring temper tantrum
= 30 SWEET hours of personal challenge, bonding, soul searching, and accomplishment!


Huge thanks to our guide, Leslie Ross of Backcountry Babes, Mountain Outfitters, the Section House (Tenth Mtn. Division & Summit Huts) and the Sweetlife Sherpa Team Kirsten & Rachel!

These say it all ~

Strong, spirited, and smiling group of women.

at mountain outfitters

The team at Mountain Outfitters in Breckenridge hooked us up with gear and TLC.

Looks like a Sears Photo backdrop doesn’t it? Perfection.

Section House

Heading in. Using the buddy system kept everyone communicating and safe.

Sweet friends.

Finally at 11,461 feet: Hut Sweet Hut.

Getting creative with our warm space to honor the bodies that kicked ass for 5+ hours.

With flare & bling, the night begins.

With a wave of their wands (and dice), the Princess Sisters kept the hut spicy.

In sync by name and style. #neon+Toms=greatness

Prepping for the dark, subzero adventure in John’s John.

Setting intentions for the downhill side of the adventure.

Sherpa team

Best self proclaimed Wine Sherpas ever!

Enjoying each wet, windy, and wicked cold step down the trail.

Book Club sweetness (with color coordination).

Heading out

All smiles near mile 12.

Full with gratitude & love for this sweet and soulful journey.


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