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A Decade of Parental Sweetness

March 19, 2013

This week we celebrated Hudson’s tenth birthday.

An entire decade filled with so many moments of pure, utter, blissful love. The raw and consuming love that one can’t possibly imagine until it happens.

It was overwhelming at first, that I-will-absolutely-die-for-you feeling,  but now it’s all wrapped up in one word: MOM.

Looking at her on the morning of her double digits, I was thinking I would love to take credit for her heart of gold, her pure and kind spirit, her calm and steady nature.

Of course I know I can’t. Sure there’s a heaping teaspoon of both Ned and me in her, but the universe added in more than two big scoops of magic when her recipe was mixed, along with many brilliant characters who have walked beside her over the years.

As we celebrated her, my heart was bursting with gratitude for the ray of light she is now, the strong woman she will become, and the wise soul she has always been.

hudson birthday

Happy 10th Birthday Hudson Taylor!

It’s fun to see that 2 + 2 doesn’t always equal 4…

Sweetlife Adventures

Getting our cowgirl on with a morning ride.

Daddy/daughter night.

There has been so much more to the equation…

with gma

The bond with Grandma Angel started at 3 weeks.


On the boat with Grandpa.

gpa boat

Nautical fun & Grandpa love.

grandma and papa

Grandma & Papa

Great Aunt Patty & Uncle Tom

Four Generations

Four Generations

Four Generations

Playing lacrosse with Big (Great) Grandpa.

Playing lacrosse with Big (Great) Grandpa.

The soccer game entourage including Big (great) Grandma Carlin.

The soccer game entourage including Big (great) Grandma Carlin and all four grandparents.

Uncle Jeff

Aunt Jen

Many special friends who are truly extended family…

Sweet traditions with Dreena, Uncle Brent, Karson, Presley, and Rex.

Sweet traditions with Dreena, Uncle Brent, Karson, Presley, and Rex.

Soul sisters.

Soul sisters.

Bringing out her goofy side.

Teammates and much more.

Neighborhood crew.

The beauty of life in a village.

Sweet first crush.

Sweet first crush.

Incredible adult role models who set the bar high for themselves and for the lucky young people who know them…

Ms. Jamie – teacher and dear friend.



The three adoring au pairs who were truly part of our family during the baby years.

The three adoring au pairs who were truly part of our family during the baby years and continue to be today.

Sweet cousin Kim who watched her the first two years of her life.

And of course her siblings who we sincerely hope will have starring roles in her life forever.

Briggs is (usually) up for anything with Hudson.

This should stay interesting since the physical similarities are balanced with very different personalities.

We all have these starring roles in our life movie. Can you think of the key characters who helped shape you into who you are today? What about the role you play in the lives of young people around you – your own children and others?

It’s important we know these roles we play since we are making impacts that may last forever.

And something that lasts forever should definitely be sweet.

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  1. Judy Deutsch permalink
    March 19, 2013 10:04 am

    Well done, Mommy! That was such a great 10 years and we all look forward to many, many more! I love you all so much!!

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