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Can Breaking (DUMB) Rules Be Sweet?

November 14, 2012

*Warning – the following is first world whining at its finest.

You know those rules you have for yourself. Rules that were made by you, for you. Rules that TOTALLY MATTER don’t matter at all but breaking them makes you crazy.

Those rules of mine are getting broken lately. I’m digging deep to find the sweetness in it. Realizing the world still turns should be liberating, right?

It kind of started with sick kiddos. 2 of 3 are down now. Raleigh had a four day run last week.

Our couch for the last 36 hours.

While the state of other’s digits doesn’t catch my attention, the slightest chip in my rarely polished nails requires immediate attention. (*Remember you were warned…)

Where are some gloves?

Although our closet is far from a Container Store ad, this is unacceptable. Next to the muddy boots from Sunday’s event is my suitcase from our last trip. In October. No idea what’s in the Whole Foods bag. Hopefully not food.

Closet, closet, wherefore art thou sweet closet?

Ned woke me up this morning with the sweet news that our coffee maker is on strike. Although technically an addiction not a rule, hot caffeine is the ONLY way to start a morning.

I thought you loved me?

Remember the Friends episode where Monica can’t sleep because her shoes aren’t put away. While Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey & Chandler made fun of her, I ached for her. The fact our kitchen table is serving as my home office so I can be near the kids provides comfort during the day but will surely keep me up tonight.

Note the emergency Starbucks. Thanks Ned!

As these words stare back at me, I (clearly and embarrassingly) see the (utter) insignificance. Indeed the world continues to turn.

But chances are you get it. Your rules, different they may be, reign daily. The important part is knowing you can taste the sweetness when they get broken.

Of course there are non-negotiables. While working out has halted, ice cream was our dinner, and emails are filling my inbox, my Make Bed Daily Rule rules.

I am the Queen of this (California) King.

I mean seriously, an unmade bed would be all kinds of earth-stopping crazy talk.

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  1. kareen mcintosh permalink
    November 15, 2012 6:10 pm

    I very rarely make my bed in the morning. Never been my rule (I have others). The bed making just seems so FUTILE. It’s just gonna get messy again in, like, 14 hours ?!? The chipped nails though… I understand that. The world does, indeed, keep on turnin’.

    • November 19, 2012 2:54 pm

      Ha – I so hear what you are saying! There’s a challenge brewing in there — a “break your own rules” day to feel how little power they really have. Coming in 2013….

  2. Kristi permalink
    November 20, 2012 10:35 am

    I totally have the same “make my bed daily” rule! I cannot stand to get into an unmade bed, I feel dirty almost!! Unless that morning I was a little hungover and couldn’t get out of bed for most of the day:) And the chipped polish I get too…I just take it all off….

  3. kim mcconnellogue permalink
    November 25, 2012 9:32 pm

    …so what was in the Whole Foods bag??….

    • November 26, 2012 8:58 am

      Ha — the good ole Whole Foods bag held the random remnants from our Halloween costumes – Michelle Obama and Mitt Romney (paired with another couple who beautifully played our spouses). Finally got the black pumps, purple dress and jcrew cardigan put away. The silver hair spray and “NO Big Bird” pin are still floating around the shelves…


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