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Gobbling the Sweet Gratitude

November 19, 2012

This week we are all gobbling up the gratitude. Driven by a date on the calendar or not – it’s a sweet thing to give thanks for the big and small that make our minutes turn to days, days to years, years to lifetimes.

Here are a few things that have filled my bucket lately. And you know how much more we can GIVE with a full bucket…

Hundreds of Pounds of Love & Warmth

The 2012 Capitol Christmas Tree tour stop in Denver was an overwhelmingly sweet way to kick off the season of giving. Thank you to all who donated coats, toys, and food.

145 pounds of making a difference!

A truckload of coats to Coats for Colorado. Thanks helper Raleigh!

Apology Accepted 

I completely spaced taking Briggs to a birthday party. Not just any party – the party of his partner in crime next door neighbor with whom he spends every possible waking moment.

He realized it before I did. I expected the (insert flip out here) story, but instead he simply hugged me and said “It’s ok, I sill love you.”

Perhaps it was the plate of “we missed you” cupcakes that had been delivered (thank you Catherine!), but his response reminded me of the absolute beauty of simple, love-filled forgiveness.

Two peas in a pod.

A good little man.

Fired Up

My gratitude for the Facebook post by a distant friend that led me to Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions runs DEEP.  There’s much more to be shared about this book, but suffice it to say if I could go Oprah on you, I’d be sending a copy to every person I know.

This is the perfect week to stoke your fire. You, your people, and the world around you will be forever grateful.

Your new BFF Danielle is waiting to fire you up!

In direct contrast to my previous whiny post, focusing on gratitude is clearly the more productive way. When we go around the table on Thursday, I will have the kindness of community donations, a 7 year old handling a bad situation beautifully, and Danielle LaPorte to thank.

Big & small – what are you thankful for sweet friends?

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