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Sweet & Colorful True Love

July 3, 2013

You know that feeling when you miss a moment the minute it’s over? You’re still savoring the sweetness while the heartache of nostalgia is setting in.

That’s how I felt Sunday.

My mom married Mitch two days before. It was everything she wanted it to be. Hawaiian. Happy. Real.


Feeling the love in Monet’s Garden.

I get teary every time I look at the photos. Sweet tears at the beautiful and pure love between Mom & Mitch. And sweet tears for the very colorful weekend – far beyond the dresses.

It was a little less Norman Rockwell, and a little more…Modern Family. (*Said with TOTAL LOVE)

Wedding go-time was 11 am Friday. The scene at our house around 8 am was dubious. And yet it was so fun when everyone including Ned (just home after a week away), Uncle Doug (arrived at 2 am), and Aunt Patty (unexpectedly arrived without sweet Uncle Tom because he wasn’t feeling well) jumped in to help with the last minute needs –

Even Raleigh chipped in, serving a breakfast of Frosted Flakes. Perfect.

My (step)brother Nick walked Mom down the aisle. She GLOWED – with the love for the man waiting down the aisle and the blessing from the man smiling down through the sunshine (who we lost far too early but who brought Nick and my sister Jen to our family).

mom and nick

Floating down the aisle.

Ring Bearer Briggs scored the winning goal.


Great shot, caught by (new) stepbrother & fellow hockey star Cole.

Brother Jeff officiated beautifully.


A few tears, lots of laughs, all love.

Mitch serenaded his bride with the first of many memorable karaoke moments.


Rocking it, even before lunch was served. Such a catch!

Sister Jen, the GOOD EGG I wrote about here, brought her perfect mix of calm & goofiness.


Raleigh looooves her Aunt Jen!

I took a moment to soak in all the love in the reception tent. It was electric – the full circle of support for the union of two people who truly bring out the best in each other surrounded by so many flavors of family & friends. It would take a flow chart to map out the variety of traditional and nontraditional relationships that lead back to Mom & Mitch.

But all that mattered was the collective sway of pure love during their first dance.

mom singing

Singing to her man.

The lovefest continued throughout the weekend – including fun for all ages…


Game of Headbanz even after the kids went to bed.

patty doug and stephen

Aunt Patty with Uncle Doug and his sweet boyfriend Stephen who came all the way from Hawaii.

ron jeremy

Although not wedding guests, Ron Jeremy & friends had the entire 6th floor of the hotel. Favorite quote: “If the 6th floor’s a rockin’, please come a knockin’!”

Seriously, Hollywood writers couldn’t have scripted it better.

A weekend complete with the pure beauty of a modern fairytale and the hilarious insanity of a Modern Family episode. Sweet laughs and true love. This one says it all –

mom and mitch


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  1. JJ Fletcher permalink
    July 3, 2013 10:12 am

    Thank you for the Sweet but true capture of our special day! It was everything you said and then some…

    • July 3, 2013 9:27 pm

      You were a glowing bride and Mitch is so darn cute. He rocked that Karaoke! What a special celebration! Hope the honeymoon is fabulous!!!! xoxo

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