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The Sweet Impact of Daddy

June 17, 2013

Ned spent the day with Hudson today.

They talked. Like REALLY talked. About EVERYTHING.

The 10 years of love, involvement, and communication Ned has put into their relationship set them up for this day. Their connection has run deep since the beginning.

first father's day ned and hto

First Father’s Day – 2003

And held strong over the years.


Daddy/daughter date night – 2012.

Ned said this was exactly the Father’s Day he hoped for. It wasn’t easy, but it was pure & honest & impactful. I was so lit up while he told me about it.

It got me thinking about the recent visit from my dad. Even though I’m two decades into being an adult, when my dad is around, I’m still a little girl, wanting his love, approval, and support. Our relationship, perfectly imperfect as it is, has been and continues to be ripe with impact on my life.


My Dad – 2013

Ned has started commuting for his new job. A traveling daddy is new for our family and he makes a special effort to stay in touch with each of us. Today in particular I am warmed by the realization that these Google Chat calls mean so much – even when they get silly.

google chat with Daddy and briggs

Ned & Briggs discovered the Google Effects feature.

And so, on the close of Father’s Day 2013, I celebrate the sweetness of all the men who have and are currently making an impact on the sons and daughters in their lives. Your love and commitment mean so much.

No pressure….but keep it up.

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