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A Sweeter Re-Entry

April 29, 2013

I recently tried a new strategy to make re-entry sweeter…

When I wrote this, I was sitting on the front porch smiling at the kids as they did this:

car wash

Good clean after school fun.

Two days ago I was sitting in a handmade rocking chair smiling at the adorable Sayulita Iquana Bar owner as she gave me this  –


Cucumber margaritas with sweet bite!

Both scenes are rich with unique flavor, sparkle through inner & outer beauty and leave me in hysterics. Both put the SWEET in LIFE.

I sit and ponder this in a post vacation/proud mommy fog.

I returned late last night from the annual college roommates adventure. Normally this is when I would go into overdrive to regroup, organize, and detox.

I’ve decided to try a more relaxed approach to re-entry.

Briggs had an appointment this morning that meant we were going to be late for school, so I tacked on an early lunch on the patio to enjoy the sunshine. I walked them each to class and gave extra long snugs. I took care of a few key things during my quick afternoon break and then they got home and asked to wash my car. My initial tired response would be “hell no, maybe on Saturday” but I decided to let them go for it. I moved my computer to the porch, poured a glass of wine, and watched my Honda Pilot take on that special shine of dish soap and hose water.

Not to mislead you – I’ve got shit out the wazoo to do and emptying my suitcase of stinky, sandy clothes is the least concerning of them. Hundreds of emails need replies (probably to some of you reading this), bills need paid, adventures need prepped, and my calendar for the week is a rainbow of busy.

But my mind is still spinning with Sayulita – far beyond cucumber margaritas.

To back up a bit – here’s the scoop on our annual trip.

By the Numbers:

22: children (lovingly left home)
18: years of post-college adventures
8: women on trip
4: nights away
2: donuts purchased from Santiago, the “special” donut vendor
1: woman who plans trip on a rotating basis by birthday. *You can opt-out of planning. You also opt-out of complaining.


The crew.

We enter a parallel universe on these trips. Most of us don’t see (or even speak) much during the year. For the most part, we don’t know each other’s kids or what our daily lives look like.

What we do know is the unconditional love that makes our time together transcend politics, religion, bank accounts, and gossipy judgement. Without skin in each other’s games, the inner workings don’t matter.

We share stories. Dissect struggles. Mastermind strategies for bettering ourselves.

And we laugh our asses off. The smorgasbord of antics varies, but this was a highlight:

molly and brit

Photo bombing while trying to capture a signature Sweetlife moment after SUPing.

brit the animal

Round 2.

Our adventures together often include:


A favorite hang out. *El Barrilito, a Sayulita corner bar with cold drinks & warm owners.


Natural soul food to wake up to.


Daytime fun.


Nighttime shenanigans.

If we’re feeling zany, some of us throw in –


Jungle/beach run.

Each journey together seems to get more real. Our trust and respect run deeper. Our support and willingness to ban together when needed intensifies.

One crowded day on the beach, a small boy went missing. There was no need to translate the father’s heart wrenching panic. From sea to sand, the search was ON including our crew, some heading in the direction of the current’s flow. As mothers and as humans – we needed to find that boy alive. In what felt like 17 hours but was less than 17 minutes, the small boy who had wandered away from the beach was reunited with his family. Just as the father fell with head in hands and sobbed, so did some of us. 

As I write it now, it becomes clear this incident plays a role in my revised re-entry approach.

I am grateful for the balanced perspective I gained during these days away and to all who contributed to make it happen (special shout out to Ned, Grandma Angel, Mitch, & Uncle Jeff).

And I am truly grateful for the enduring friendships that create this TRIBE. 


6 Comments leave one →
  1. Missy permalink
    April 30, 2013 9:50 am

    Dear adventure host,
    Thank god you didn’t post my “Sweetlife Shirt and bandana moment”. No mention of TJ???I’d like to see you try to recreate that adventure…
    Xoxox-until next year!!!

    • April 30, 2013 1:21 pm

      Mistle – TJ is its own post entirely. Stay tuned for that one. Thanks for the wild ride!! Miss you already! xoxo

  2. Amy Blanchard permalink
    April 30, 2013 10:56 am

    Looks like you had a great time! Brian and I got married in Sayulita and go back every year, so I understand how difficult the re-entry is 🙂

  3. Linda Salden Meyer permalink
    May 4, 2013 8:46 am

    Kristy – You are an amazing writer – this coming from a teacher:-) I felt like I was on your journey every step of the way. I remember when my 16 year old son asked me in the middle of daily chaos to teach him how to iron. Did I HALT everything and do so? You bet! Here’s to all the aspects of “re-entry!”

    • May 5, 2013 3:21 pm

      Oh Ms. Meyer – so touched to hear your kind & wise words. It’s so great to be reminded of the importance of making time for the things that really matter, even knowing it is a challenge to do it. 🙂

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