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Sweet Closure = Sweet Beginning

January 4, 2013

As the girls & I sat on the couch tonight watching the Princess Diaries (wow Anne Hathaway, who knew Les Mis was in Mia Thermopolis’ future…), I admired our Christmas tree. I fought the tears as I thought about taking it down tomorrow.


Forest-to-floor perfection. Our favorite tree yet.

I tried to focus on Anne’s transition from San Fran hippie/nerd to Genovia Princess, but my mind wandered to the (bitter)sweetness of closure. 

There’s been a lot of it lately.

Tomorrow we will take down the tree. We will reflect on our seven year tradition of tree cutting with our best buds. We will smile. The teary kind. Yet we will know the 8th Annual Tree Cutting will be here before we know it. And the house will be organized. A clean slate ready for 2013 adventures.

group 2012

Sweet traditions captured in an annual photo. #2012

2009 group




Two weeks ago we celebrated Sweetlife Kirsten’s next adventure as she moves to Snowmass for a phenomenal and well deserved role with the Rocky Mountain Institute. She will be making a difference in our world, without a doubt, but she will be missed beyond words.

Kirsten dinner (2)

Chocolate fondue seemed the only acceptable send off.

2012 was not our “favorite year”. In fact it sucked in ways we never imagined. And yet through it all, as the ball dropped on NYE, we took a moment to honor the sweetness that comes with closure.

It’s simple math –

Sweet Closure = Sweet Beginning

And so we cheered. And sparkled. And tooted.


Ned’s loving those glasses.

Knowing when to stop pushing against the inevitable and to embrace transition is hard, sometimes brutal, but eventually the voice and necessary strength come to you.

This Alice Walker quote sums it up beautifully –

“I believe we are destined to meet the people who will support, guide, and nurture us on our life’s journey, each of them appearing at the appropriate time, accompanying us at least part of the way. I think specific human beings, sometimes only in spirit, will present themselves in such a way that their presence will shape and reshape our hearts until we are more fully who we are.

This particular magic or synchronicity is activated by something both simple and profound: we must adhere to our own peculiar way, that is the only chance we have to meet those spirits who wander along our road; we must persist in being true to our most individual soul.

I have observed this process over and over in my life, always with the greatest amazement. Part of the optimism I am able to maintain in the face of the worst realities is a result of knowing that many companion spirits are patiently waiting to join me in any endeavor or along any path I take in the world – after all, this has simply been my experience so far – and that all I must do is begin.

There is a feeling of security in this and a degree of serenity that astonishes even me.”

Happy Sweet Beginnings! May 2013 bring you clarity and strength to stay true to your individual soul. 

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