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Saying Cheese is Forever Sweet

December 13, 2012

A while back I read the article about the importance of moms getting in photos. It’s a must read (find it here) with a message not just for moms – it’s for all women who avoid cameras.

Like many, this nailed it for me. But really, was I excited at the thought of including images like this in the kids’ baby books?


Birthday tradition of donuts in bed, complete with bedhead & bad breath.

As life goes, the universe responded the next week with an out-of-the-blue offer to have family photos taken. An unplanned expense, even a very reasonable one, found a “no thank you” reply initially, but with the article fresh in my mind, we wrapped a “yes please” in a big bow and called it our Christmas gift to each other.

Now I realize the real gift is the thought of our kids’ kids seeing these one day and imagining the adventures of their parents and grandparents way back in the year 2012.


And this one, where they will marvel at three generations, including their (Great) Grandma Angel.

the girls

Just as I do when I see this one of me with the three generations above me –

4 generations

The only photo of me, my mom, grandma, & great grandmother.

Yes, those family pics were done by a professional (Kyle Murhpy Photography who shoots in Denver and Chicago – check him out –  he’s fun, fast & FABULOUS), but I definitely didn’t feel like Gisele at a Victoria Secret shoot. I was pitting out and dreaming about what botox might do for those crows feet. It doesn’t matter — the real point is to capture our true adventures, not just the shiny and clean ones

There will be more of these –

good morning ned

Sending Ned a “good morning” text.

natural born killer

“Mom being bad ass,” they will (NOT) say about this.


“Ok Grandma Angel, Aunt Jen, and Mom had some cajones…” they may say.

At Sweetlife, we strongly believe in providing photos of your adventures. These experiences capture the brave, real, and kick ass person you are. The person whose loved ones will glow with pride and inspiration and utter love when they see moments like these –


Snowshoe Day Trek

IMG_0673 (640x434)

Indoor skydiving


Aerial dance


Mom & Daughter Horseback Ride

My sincerest hope is that when Hudson stumbles across this photo in 30 years, she feels enveloped by the warm sunshine that was shining on her face and the warm love wrapped around her back.


In whatever way works best for you, say CHEESE sweet friends! Your future loves will smile sweetly and thank you.

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  1. kim mcconnellogue permalink
    December 14, 2012 10:56 am

    Kristi, this truly is so SWEET! (especially the last bit, with Hudson!)

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