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This Day is Dumb, But…

February 14, 2013

I’ve long thought Valentine’s Day is dumb.

It’s either been a huge in-your-face reminder I was alone or when I was schmoopy in loooove, there were such high expectations of perfection that I inevitably felt let down.

And then there was the time I learned Whole Foods RAISES their price on chocolate covered strawberries on Vday. Seems so WHOLEY un-sweet. (Grab yours elsewhere or make them at home. Or join us in our plan to try chocolate covered bacon. Sah-weet!)

BUT….I’m trying to see it differently.

It may be the kids and their innocent excitement (albeit focused on ridiculous amounts of sugar, sparkly chachkis, and just more STUFF they don’t need…oops wait, I digress…), but I came to the fork where I could get all Scrooged out for a day or find a way to honor the ancient celebration.

I’m choosing the latter.

I realize there’s a lot to be gained from upping the amount of LOVE around us. Regardless of the how or why, focusing an extra day on LOVE and more importantly GRATITUDE for the love in our lives feels sweetly enriching.

Mostly, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate SELF-LOVE.

Add a honey shaped heart to your toast. Take yourself to a yoga class. Write yourself a love note. Give yourself whatever TLC makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

vday toast (2)

Butter yourself up, honey!

The thing is, that stirred up self-love will SHINE on the people in your life and beyond. The smile you share with a stranger may be just the LOVE she needs today. The patience you have when your over-sugared kids come home will be the CALM for their storm. Your bucket will already be so FULL it won’t matter if you’re gifted that “perfect” gift or not.

Your inner GLOW will be brighter than any overpriced candlelit dinner you may or may not have. It will be with you if your night is spent curled up watching a favorite movie, with a sweetie or a fluffy blanket snuggling you.

Let’s fill our day with LOVE, starting with ourselves. Saint Valentine would be proud and the trickle effect will make the world a sweeter place.

(Here’s where old me would have inserted a “Take that Hallmark!” but I won’t. That would just be dumb.)

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU sweet friend!

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