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Photo Scavenger Hunt

November 29, 2012

We all have those special tricks. The ones we keep hidden for just the right moment.

High up my favorite pink down jacket sleeve, I have one that’s been a recent hit.

Requiring nothing more than a scrap of paper, a quick scan of your surroundings, and a camera, this game is ripe with exploration, creativity, and adventure.

Oh yeah, it’s not rocket science. Nothing to really Pinterest about or anything, but it’s been keeping our crew cruising quite a bit. And you can do it anywhere with a broad range of ages!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

1. Make a list of items (appropriate to the area).

2. List items that make the explorers get creative – for example “10 pennies in a row” or “two kids upside down”.

3. Provide a camera or phone.

4. Let the adventure begin.

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Pacific Northwest Style

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Desperate Mommy Style. *Note the “clean closet” listing.

Here are some recent highlights –

“A fern taller than Raleigh”

“Two girls high fiving”

“Kid with egg on head balancing on one foot”

“Upside down kids”

“20 pine cones in a circle”

“A street with one of your middle names”

What do you have going on up your sleeve? We’d love to hear about any special tricks you have to keep little (or big) people engaged in the world around us. Our sleeves stay a lot more full when we have a village of tricks hiding in them.

Oh and about that Pinterest comment earlier – apparently this is Pinterest worthy. Check out this whole board of way cool Photo Scavenger Hunt ideas.

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