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The THRILL(ER) of the Day

October 30, 2012

I took 4 kids shopping at Party City last Saturday.

Yes brilliant, I know.

Right when the chaos of our crew was amping up to the point we either had to leave or my head would do 360s and I would spit green slime, Michael Jackson’s Thriller started playing throughout the packed store.

And so, with the reckless abandon of a desperate mom, I went for it.

It started with the shoulder move, then the head bop, and then the full arms out, sideways hip jiggle (which I butchered – total bonus).

8 eyes (plus a few extras) stared up at me. Talking ceased. Faces flushed.

I THRILLER-ED them to obedience.

Temporarily perhaps, but it bought me some breathing time.

I cannot possibly accept this victory alone. I have so many people to thank beginning with of course the big man upstairs, MJ. Most importantly I want to thank Charles Morgan, mentor of all things Michael.

And I really feel I must share this Thriller love.

Last year Charles and I coordinated a Flash Mob for the Douglas County Divas (*power group of women business owners – check them out!). We made a little teaching video of the basic Thriller moves. It’s not the full dance, but it’s definitely enough to:

a) Make you look super cool Halloween night if you’re lucky enough to hear the song (or coincidentally pop your preloaded ipod onto the player).


b) Buy you 5 minutes of stunned silence (kids, partner, company meeting, & beyond) when you need it most.

Here’s the video.

Watch & learn sweet friends.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re welcome.

*Special note – use sparingly and be prepared for others to join in. 

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