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Sweet as a Monkey’s Butt

September 25, 2012

Our oldest two kids did their first triathlon on Sunday.

Proud finishers – our buddy Karson, Hudson & Briggs

On Saturday, our daughter was doing a bike warm-up. She said she was going to do 5 laps around our block. When I saw her stop after one, I asked why. In a busy alley full of kids, she replied loudly “I have monkeybutt.”

Some important notes ~

*If needed, learn more about monkeybutt. (least crude definition available)

Yes, Baboon Butt would be more accurate.

*Hudson is our first born. She is a reserved rule follower. She is sweet, polite, and never wants to disappoint (to the degree that she’ll suppress a cough when she is sick so we don’t worry.) She does not seek center stage.

*Since diaper days, we’ve used the term monkeybutt regularly. Clearly to our kids, it’s a widely understood state of being. I’m hungry. I’m hot. I have monkeybutt.

Hudson’s monkeybutt declaration was matter of fact. No shame. No concern for who heard the private nature of the situation.

I’m torn how I feel about this.

I grew up ordering dunkntoast eggs at restaurants and receiving the odd stare from the server. Mom would jump in and explain “over easy.” No real harm done.

Dunkntoast eggs.

Will monkeybutt be Hudson’s dunkntoast eggs? In many ways – no harm done, right?

Well, unless she’s answering the Word of the Week in class.

Word of the Week: Irritating

Hudson: Having monkeybutt is irritating.


All of us have a special language that is part of our family culture. Do you have terms (crude or otherwise) that seem natural and appropriate until you take them to the outside world? Have you ever had to find replacements?

Side note – Hudson’s sweet friends clearly love her, monkeybutt and all. These were waiting when they came home.

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