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Sweet Summer Lovin’

July 7, 2012

Put me on an Austrian mountaintop and call me Maria – these recent finds have quickly become my favorite things this summer.

Meet Dancing Matt

Do you know where the hell Matt is? Matt has been uniting the world with his (self proclaimed) goofy dancing since 2003. Watch all 4 videos and be sure to read Matt’s sweet story. Grab a kleenex – there may be some happy tears.

Do the Truffle Shuffle

Summer has been sweet sailing with my Truffle bag. It keeps my essentials safe and accessible while simplifying the transition from pool bag to purse. Friday night I even proudly took my naked Truffle into an impromptu dinner.

Tri Hard

An impulse post-40th-birthday decision has me taking on the Tri for the Cure. It’s been surprisingly fun to creatively fit in the workouts for this empowering women’s triathlon. From family swim mornings to biking whenever possible, I’m finding ways to get it done. Even if I have to do it in white jeans.

*Registration is still open and there’s plenty of  time to prepare your already fit bods. (You know who you are!)

Leave Your Hat On

Adding swimming and bike helmets to daily life has required some style modifications. Having  a cute summer hat on hand has been invaluable. Last Friday I went from a 100 degree bike ride home from a meeting to a Rockies game. I may have been the sweatiest person there. Well, me and the sweet soul who had to play Dinger on a day of record heat.

Savor Grownup Popsicles

A recent sweet find at our farmers market, these “artisan ice pops” by Lix Stix will really cool you down (especially during the aforementioned heat). Chocolate sea salt is just one of the ever-changing gourmet flavors they sell via their pedal pusher carts around town. We were particularly thrilled to learn they do special events and weddings. Guess what we’ll be serving at our next Standup Paddle Adventure?

What are your summer discoveries? It would be so sweet if you share!


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